Wake Up and Burn Calories with Yoga

Dear friends, I need to talk about the bane of my existence: early mornings!

That’s right, I am one of those people that have problems getting out of bed, waking up, and starting the day. Or so I thought! All throughout my childhood, school days started slow and with a sigh, even though I was happy to see my friends again in class. However, all of that changed (ok, most of it) when I picked up yoga in my late teenage years, because I wanted to stay in shape, be more fit and finally have a good morning every (other) day.

Yoga is fantastic, because it burns calories and you hardly even notice it, because it is so relaxing and wholesome at the same time. I enjoy it and like to do a morning exercise every day – I even get up a little earlier than normal to fit it into my mornings. Yes, getting out of bed is still hard, but you know what’s also true? Since I’ve been doing yoga, I sleep much better, too, so everything gets easier in the morning.

But I still want to expand on my Yoga routines and sequences, so I watch a lot of videos, both on Youtube and DVD. Just recently, I bought one called Yoga burn that I really liked: it’s aimed at beginners as well as advanced practitioners, but that’s fine and I really enjoy going through the basics again sometimes. I know that a lot of you are thinking about starting this sport, so this might actually be for you. Here’s a Yoga Burn review where someone tests how much weight can be lost by using this particular program.

Check out this video above: it’s a wonderful morning sequence that I’ve adding to my repertoire recently, and I enjoy that a lot! 🙂

A lot of people find fitness boring and cumbersome, but you can trick yourself into doing it anyway, if you make it useful. By doing Yoga in the morning, you can jump start your body and get a lot more energy for the next few hours. This makes it useful and the fact that you burn fat is a bonus you get on top!

Also, consider it a time that is only for you, just like taking a shower or shaving. Even brushing your teeth can be cumbersome, but it’s useful and if you just start and get used to it, you’ll end up doing it every other day. If you have some extra pounds, they get thrown out automatically with this new habit. I think this is pretty cool, and since Yoga is a lot more relaxed and gentle than other forms of fitness, you really can’t complain that it’s too hard! Right?

I like Tai Chi for all the same reasons, but Yoga is still my favorite!

A Warm Welcome to Yoga

Yoga has been an important part of my life and has enriched it for many years. Apart from that, fitness is a passion of mine in general and healthy eating has to go along with it! On our website, me and my BBF are sharing our passion with everyone, and we don’t care how many readers we get!

We write about fitness advice, tips, recipes we like, and a lot of other things. Personally, I love healthy living and life mastery, and it is great fun to try new ideas, foods, and yoga sequences. Recently, I’ve also gotten a little into Tai Chi. I’m not sure if we write about that, too, but once I have a good grip of it, I will consider it – because I have to say, Tai Chi is wonderfully relaxing and in that way similar to yoga.